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    Model:Materials and Surfaces

    BOLLISTEEL® Stainless Steel Composite Panels:

    Bollisteel Stainless Steel Composite Panel is consisted of 2 stainless steel sheets bonding to a polytheylene core or FR core. BOLLISTEEL selects majorly #304, #316(or 316L) and #220M stainless steel coils as top and bottom skin materials.

    #304 is a general purpose stainless steel, it stands 1000-1200 ℃ in temperature. It is also good at stainless and anti inter-crystally corrorsion.

    #316 contents Mu element, which make the overall quality supeior to #304 stainless steel while also expensive. Under high temperature, environment sufric acid density between 15%-85%, #316 stainless steel can be widely applied especially in coastal locations.

    #220 is newly ferrite stainless steel invented by NSSC, and it contents lowest possible element of Mo, while the corrision resistant quality is better than #316 stainless steel, it is the future of stainles steel materials

    BOLLISTEEL Stainless Steel composite panel are available in below patterns:

    stainless steel composite panel,stainless steel composite materialsembossed stainless steel composite panel,304 stainless steel compositeSSCP,SS composite panels,Stainless steel decorative materials

    mirror stainless steel composite panelshairline stainless steel composite panel,brush stainless steel composite panelsDull finish stainless steel composite panel,dull stainless steel composite

    BOLLISTEEL Stainless Steel Composite Panels for EXIM Bank Malaysia:

    stainless steel composite panel,stainless steel claddingstainless steel cladding,stainless steel facade

    BOLLSTEEL Stainless Steel Composite Panels for Fuli Yingkai Building in Guangzhou, China

    stainless steel facade,stainless steel panelsstainless steel sheets,stainless composite panelsbollisteel,steel composite material304 stainless steel,316 stainless steel

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