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    Model:Color and Surface

    BOLLICOPPER® Copper Composite Panels:

    Bollicopper® Copper Composite Panel adopts natural copper or natural brass as raw-materials, by laminating 2 copper coils with polyethylene or FR mineral core to make the copper composite panel.  Different ingredients such as metal or oxidant make the copper different colors.
    Copper Composite Panels: The copper content is more than 99% percentage.
    Copper composite panel,copper facade cladding
    Brass Composite Panels: It’s copper alloy with zinc element.
    copper composite panel,brass composite panel
    Patina Copper Composite Panels: Patina generally should be revealed after decade exposure to environment, but Bolliya’s partiner Nordic from Germany achieve this effect by special pre-weathering technology.  
    brush copper,copper patina,patina copper composite panel,aurubis
    Brush Copper Composite Panels: Copper composite panel can be milled and forge brush effect, the distinctiveness of milling is to reduce the gloss and reflective rate.    
    light brown brush copper,pvdf coated copper,copper composite panel  copper facade cladding materials,copper curtain wall   patina copper,natural copper composite panel,copper composite
    Color Evolution:
    Right after cladding, Bollicopper Copper Composite Panels shows a new and fresh copper color. As being gradually exposed to weathering, rain, sunshine, humidity the color of facade changes dynamically in a natural process. The change course is unpredictable and mild subject to specific weathering effect. The major tendency of copper surface change is from glossy shining copper color into dark matt brown color. After years of oxidization, spectaculars patina spots emerge on surface of Bollicopper composite panel. Those brilliant green patina spots brings sense of lives to the building, while protect the facade from corrosion eternally.
    A three month test in Bolliya’s house experimental sites (heavy polluted, long daytime sunshine exposure, and acid rain zone) shows that the color turns from red copper into light brown color. As our partner Nordic predict, in four month, the color will be uniform light brown, dark brown in two years, patina shows up in five years time, patina evenly spread in twenty years time.
    The patina forming process will be influenced by building’s location, attitude and longitude. But the major tendency is red copper-brown-patina.
    Patina process of natural copper through years exposure:
    copper patina process


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    BOLLICOPPER Copper composite panels project in France, Europe:
    copper composite panels,copper claddingcopper facade,bollicopper

    copper cladding panels,copper cladding sheetscopper panels,copper sheets

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