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    Model:Color and Surface

    Colors and finishes of BOLLIYA® Aluminium Composite Panels:


    With application of painting process and industrial metal
    surface treatment, BOLLIYA® Architectural
    Aluminum Composite Panels have vast options
    of colors and finishes, which are the basics for
    unique building creation. No matter for building facades,
    for interior walls or for shop fronts, the proper
    selects of color combination will make the building
    sharp and eye-catching.


    BOLLIYA® Architectural Aluminum Composite Panels can be divided into 3 series:


    a) Mill finish series. Its the original and natural color of aluminum without painting or surface treatment.

    b) Color painted series. By using Polyester, FEVE, PVDF paints, the aluminum surface can be painted with Solid colors, Metallic colors, Pearl colors.

    Polyester is a single layer coating, can achieve high gloss rate and various vivid colors with most economic cost, and normally has a 5 year color warranty.

    FEVE is a fluoropolymer paint, which is consisted of 2 layers of coating, can achieve high gloss rate and various vivid colors, but has a 10 to 15 years color warranty.

    PVDF is a 2-layer or 3-layer of vinylidene fluoride coating, have excellent UV-resistant property and usually is matt or semi-high-gloss color, normally have 10 to 20 years color warranty depending on the location and environment.

    c) Anodized series. By industrial surface treatment processing, the aluminum surface can be electroplated and processed into Brushed finish or Mirror finish.


    Customers and designers can select the most appropriate colors and finishes depending on the actual applications and budgets. BOLLIYA® Architectural Aluminum Composite Panels have more than 40 standard colors available, and color matching to RAL colors, Pantone colors or upon master colors is also available.


    If you require a higher fire safty product please have a look at our BOLLIYA FR Aluminium Composite Panels.



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