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    BOLLIZINC® Titanium Zinc Composite Panels:

    By working with Rheinzink Bolliya presents you Bollizinc Titanium-zinc composite panel (also known as Rheinzink Composite Panels). Ti-zinc alloy is better in rigidity and durability than normal zink alloy. The color of Ti-zinc turns different color in a natural process as time goes by, while it attains great quality of anti corrision and self-healing characteristics.

    Titamium zinc composite panel,rheinzink composite panel,preweathered zincrheinzink cladding,ti-zinc cladding,zinc composite panels

    BOLLIZINC Titanium-Zinc Composite Panels are availble in below 2 colors:

    Preweathered Blue Grey:

    zinc composite panel,rheinzink


    Preweathered Graphite Grey:

    titanium-zinc composite panel,zinc cladding,zcp


    Besides anti-corrision, self healing is an important feature of Ti-zinc alloy

    As time goes by, by reacting to humidity and atmosphere, there forging a layer of zinc hydroxide. And this weathering layer will cover the sractch cause by installation, fabrication or during transportation.

    preweathered zinc,preweathered titanium-zinc

    Please send us inquiry to email: to get more detailed information.

    BOLLIZINC Titamiun-zinc Composite Panels for Mutsunichi Headquarter Building in Shenzhen:

    rheizink composite,ti-zinc composite panelszinc composite panels,titanium-zinc facade

    BOLLIZINC Titanium-Zinc Composite Panels for Huamao Plaza in Huizhou

    titanium composite panels,zinc composite panelstitanium-zinc composite,titanium zinc panels

    BOLLIZINC Titanium-zinc Composite Panels for Hupo Harbour Villa in Dalian:

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