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    Model:Titanium Composite Panel

    Titanium composite panel


    Titanium composite panel is a sandwich panel composed of a titanium sheet as topside and a stainless steel sheet as backside bonded to a fire retardant mineral filled core.


    The overall panel thickness of titanium composite is 4mm, and titanium skin thickness is 0.3mm. A 4mm composite is equivalent to a 3mm solid titanium sheet in rigidity but greatly the cost and the weight.


    Titanium is light weighted material with a density of about 4.2g/cm3 which is just about half of the weight of stainless steel or copper, but the rigidity strength of titanium is the best among these metals. Because of its superb mechanical properties, it’s widely used for aero industry, machine industry even medical industry (for replacement of bone).



    Titanium metal quickly forms a stable oxide film (called passivated film) at room temperature and is known for its unparalleled anti corrosion feature. It’s one of the most idea material to be used for façade and roofing cladding especially in high corrosion area.



    Specification of Bolliya Titanium composite panel

    Panel width: 1200mm

    Panel length: 2400mm (or customized)

    Panel thickness: 4mm

    Topside skin: 0.3mm titanium (purity approx. 99.5% of titanium)

    Backside skin: 0.3mm stainless steel (304 grade)

    Core: Mineral filled fire retardant core

    Weight: 9.3kgs/sq.m

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